Port to Android
Allow non-native javascript engines on Android (e.g., Apache Crosswalk WebKit)

Wishes in next release

Allow non-native javascript engines on Windows (e.g., Chromium Embedded Framework) in addition to Chakra/Trident
Enable Cordova plugins (similar to iOS Crosswalk)
Ensure NKEBrowserSwitches are working as intended; not fully implemented yet
Item 4

Work in process

Refresh Windows port with new NKScripting, NKElectro and NKCore apis
Create plugin that allows other NPAPI plugins to be loaded
Determine if WebKit web inspector can be called directly from Swift, in addition to using Safari WebInspector on OS X for both iOS and OS X debugging
Create development branching structure for git repository

In next release (0.21)

100% Swift -- remove all Objective-C and C code
Core Node tests passing on darwin platforms

Done (in 0.20)

NKScripting created on darwin with seamless WKWebView and JavaScriptCore switching
NKElectro created to model most commonly used Electron API to enable easier migration
NKCore modified to use simplified NKScripting bridge
Enable Safari WebInspector debugging for both JSContexts and WKWebViews (main and renderer processes)
Base documentation, gh-pages and roadmap created; expect further refinements